Help Me

This service is great for those who know how to cook and may need an extra hand. Special events such as hosting a dinner party or holiday gathering can be overwhelming. A professional chef can come to help you prepare an excellent meal for your guests.

Others who benefit from this service are those with mobility issues. Sometimes all it takes for a great meal is a helping hand. 

Guide Me

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between sweat, saute, and steam? What about how to toss food in a pan like a pro? Do you want to improve your knife skills? Guide Me is a one-on-one experience with a professional chef to practice a skill or learn a specific recipe. This is a great way to brush up on the basics or become a more proficient cook.


Prep Me

Are you craving a restaurant-quality meal, except with the stay-at-home experience? This may be the service for you. Prep Me is great for Date Night or whenever you're in the mood for a special meal. A specific dish of your choice will be cooked for you in your home to be eaten at your convenience.

Surprise Me

Do you have a surplus of groceries and no time to cook? No problem! A chef from Custom Cuisines can come and create a meal for you on the spot using available ingredients from your kitchen. You'll be totally surprised as to what innovative dishes your pantry will inspire.