Inquiring minds ask...

What do you do?

Custom Cuisines is an in-home personal chef company. We provide a variety of culinary services including meal preparation, event assistance, and instruction all in the comfort & convenience of our clients' homes.

What is the story of this company and how you became involved with the food service industry?

Custom Cuisines has been open since October 2013. Creator and chef Vanessa Basil has been consistently working in the food industry since 2002. She became interested in cooking during high school when she was introduced to the Food Network on TV.

"During high school I took some culinary classes and noticed that the kitchen environment was a natural fit for me. After high school I got my first job as a server in a Chinese restaurant. Through the years and following my hunger for experience, I eventually made the transition from server to cook. I’ve worked in a large variety of cooking environments; including small restaurants, catering companies, hotels, and a major sports arena. After about ten years in the industry, I had gained enough knowledge and experience about cooking and running a business to be considered a chef. This is also what fueled the courage to create my own culinary company. I enjoy being able to explore the art, science and wonder of food through cooking. Food is an amazing thing that is universal and connects people. By creating this company I can provide another way for the community to connect, rejuvenate, and celebrate through food. Life is busy and stressful. Sometimes the best way to relax and feel love is through a home-cooked meal. The goal of Custom Cuisines is to provide those meals full of love for our clients within the comfort of their homes. "

What's unique about your business?

Something that sets us apart from other personal chefs or catering companies is that we are a service-based company. We do not have set menus because every connection with our clients is a personalized experience. Our clients are responsible for providing all food, which lowers costs and streamlines the service process. This way, we are able to focus on developing a relationship with our clients through food. We are able to concentrate on their needs, preferences, and limitations. Also, all of our cooking is done inside the client's home. This puts priority on their schedule and comfort. As chefs we are able to quickly adapt to all sorts of environments and available tools. We will work within our means and only ask that the client provide food and a clean cooking area.

What are a few of your signature dishes?

A lot of the recipes are of our own design. The style is what we like to call Comfort Fusion, in that it's traditional with a twist. Some of our creations include Reuben Wraps, Greek Nachos, Napa Apple Slaw, and Squash & Sausage soup.

Do you do parties? Weddings? Corporate events?

One of the services we offer is culinary assistance. This would be appropriate for an in-home special event where it would be helpful to have the assistance of a culinary professional to help with cooking, plating, and organization. If you are looking for a traditional catering company, we are happy to recommend a few.

What can you offer potential clients that will make their lives easier or help them solve a problem or make a special event more special?

Our goal is to make your life a little easier and less stressful when it comes to mealtime. We aim to bring you comfort through high quality cooking and our passion for food. Each of our services has a target market; however each interaction we have with clients is unique and completely customized to the client’s needs.

Our fans are saying...

100% effort and amazing flavors!
— Jon B.
Had their Reuben sandwich and it was superb. The best I have tasted in a long time.
Continued success to you all!
— Sig M.
It’s pretty much the best food I’ve ever had! It’s good to eat good but when the cook loves what they do...It really shines through the food!
— Breanne B.
Professional and creative service and delicious food - what more could you ask for?
Hire them now!
— Leslie S.