Wheat vs. Buckwheat

OK, so I was in the store one day & I saw a buckwheat product. To my surprise, it was labeled 'gluten-free'! This discovery brought me all sorts of confusion because I know for a fact that wheat is absolutely NOT gluten- free, so how can buckwheat be? Then I wondered, are wheat & buckwheat even related??

Apparently not. According to the research that I read, buckwheat is actually an herb of the buckwheat family & a relative to rhubarb. Wow, who woulda thunk it?! Since buckwheat isn't a grain at all that's what makes it gluten-free. It's more like a seed that has been cultivated for hundreds of years and is very versatile. Buckwheat is an ingredient often found in pancakes, breads, and Japanese soba noodles.It contains a lot of nutrients & can even be eaten as a side dish

Vanessa Basil